For Patients

At American Surgical Assistants, we understand the fear and apprehension associated with surgery. As a patient about to undergo a procedure, you must put all of your trust into the reputation of the hospital and skill of your surgeon. A surgical assistant can help.

A surgical assistant is a certified and licensed professional that supports surgeons during an operation and is credentialed at each hospital where s/he performs services. Surgical assistants have a diverse skill set, many with decades of experience,and include internationally-trained medical doctors who practice as surgical assistants, surgical physician assistants, RNFAs and certified first assistant practitioners (CFAs).

Why is it so important for a surgeon to have assistants in the operating room? Surgical procedures require strict attention and a high level of concentration. Having a trained professional in the operating room to assist the surgeons allows the surgeon to focus on providing optimal patient care.

American Surgical Assistants employs the top surgical assistants in the industry to ensure that you are receiving the best care.


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